Jul 13

Heart of Gold



Heart of Gold Watercolor 2014

Heart of Gold Watercolour


This is my homage to Boldt castle on Heart Island.  If you are into quality architecture from the 1900, it’s worth a visit.  This watercolour painting gives a view of The Power House.  Which became my favourite part of the estate.  George C. Boldt  started the project as a gift to his beloved wife, Louise.   After Louise’s sudden death in 1904, George stopped construction because, he could not imagine living in the castle without her.  George never returned to Heart Island.


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Jul 11

Friendly Hurricane


Friendly Hurricane Watercolor 2014

Friendly Hurricane Watercolour


Friendly Hurricane sounds like an oxymoron and maybe it is, but let me explain.  A neighbour up the mountain knew I was in the market for a pair of old hurricane lamps.  She had recently installed a generator for the house and knew she had some old lamps somewhere.  Months later, I received them as a gift and was immediately inspired to paint them.  I appreciate her gift and her print has been delivered with a large thank you.


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Jul 11

Wild in Montana


Montana Beauty Wild Sunflowers Watercolor Pen

Montana Beauty

Exploring Montana’s high plains area was one of the best road trips we ever made.  It was early spring so everything was bursting with brilliant colours.  I was engulfed with unique birds, flowers and wild life.  On this particular day, we came across an endless field full of wild sunflower.  There was no posting of warnings so we pulled up the old dirt road.  We were about 120 yards in and I requested to stop.  I had to get out and fill my senses.  This watercolour and pen painting tries to capture some of the tranquillity I experienced.


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